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The Patient Engagement Open Forum 2020 will go virtual with a series of virtual events from June 25th until the end of November. 

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About the Forum

PARADIGM, PFMD and EUPATI welcome you to the Patient Engagement Open forum – a series of virtual events where we will work together, in a multi-stakeholder context, to turn patient engagement into reality.

The Forum aims to provide a holistic perspective of patient engagement, the landscape and actors, and foster collaboration and co-creation while breaking down fragmentation and silos that are often present in patient engagement work.

Topics range from tools and recommendations for effective patient engagement, methods for monitoring and evaluation of impact and outcomes in patient engagement activities, and fair market compensation for patient input to interactive sessions on assessing good practices in patient engagement and more.

2020 Agenda

All virtual sessions will start at 15:00 CET/ 9:00 EST

June 25th

PEOF2020 opening plenary (PARADIGM, PFMD and EUPATI)

Parallel sessions:

  • Patient Engagement tools session #1 (consultation organised by PARADIGM)
  • Patient Engagement in Precision medicine (organised by PFMD)
  • Patient engagement within MedTech (panel organised by EUPATI)

June 26th

Parallel sessions:

  • Patient Engagement in research and pre-discovery early phases (workshop organised by PFMD) 
  • Patient engagement in co-creating plain language summaries (workshop organised by PFMD)

July 9th

Parallel sessions:

  • Patient Engagement tools session #2 (consultation organised by PARADIGM)
  • Flash presentations
    1. Sustainability roadmap for the patient engagement ecosystem 
    2. Legal toolkit 
    3. Patient engagement in medicines R&D in the CEE region
  • Workshop organised by IMI-Conception

September 10th

Plenary session

  • PARADIGM Patient Engagement Toolbox (webinar organised by PARADIGM)
  • Patient Engagement Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (workshop organised by PARADIGM)

September 24th

Parallel sessions:

  • How PE can foster access through improved affordability? (webinar organised by EUPATI)
  • To be announced

October 15th

Parallel sessions:

  • Quality by design and patient engagement activities (panel organised by CTTI)
  • Workshop – Lay/Plain language summary (EFPIA/EFGCP)

November 5th

THEME: Regulatory

  • To be announced
  • To be announced

November 23rd

Plenary session:

  • PEOF2020 conclusion session

Why you should attend

Get an in-depth overview of the impactful collaborative work streams in the patient engagement ecosystem and network with professionals from healthcare industry, patient advocates and organisations, regulatory representatives and nonprofits that are working together to make patient engagement the norm through tools, recommendations, good practices, framework and capacity building.

Highlights of the programme:

Presentations of ongoing patient engagement projects around the world

Interactive sessions where you will get to be involved in the co-creation of the tools shaping the future of patient engagement

Access to resources available now and receive an update about the upcoming tools

About us

The PE Open Forum is jointly organised by PFMD, EUPATI and PARADIGM

A public-private collaboration for better patient engagement co-led by the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative. It aims to participate to the co-creation of a sustainable framework allowing systematic, meaningful and ethical patient engagement in medicines development. Strong of 34 partners, from patient organisations to pharmaceutical companies, regulators and academic, the project started in March 2018 and will end in August 2020.

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Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD) was established in October 2015 as an open, independent global coalition of health stakeholders.

PFMD aims to transform the way in which we understand, engage, and partner with patients globally in the design and conducting of research and development of medicines by focusing on unmet patient needs. We are bringing together relevant experts and synergizing disparate but complementary efforts that integrate the voice of the PATIENT across the lifecycle of medicine.

PFMD is driving the culture change and co-producing tools needed to make systematic patient engagement happen. 

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The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) is a pan-European programme implemented as a public-private partnership by a collaborative multi-stakeholder consortium from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, not-for-profit, and patient organisations. The Academy was started, developed and implemented as a flagship project of the Innovative Medicines Initiative, and continues to be led by the European Patients’ Forum.

EUPATI supports patient engagement in medicines development by providing education and training to patients, industry, and other stakeholders through e-learning, face-to-face training, 19 national platforms, and an online Toolbox currently used by more than 1.9 million people.

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